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So, you have found your dream home and arranged a mortgage with your lender. As part of that process, you were asked to purchase lifeinsurance and critical illness insurance, in order to pay off the Happy Familymortgage if something were to happen to you. Do you really understand how this type of insurance works, and is it the best option for you and your family? Traditionally mortgage insurance is offered by your mortgage lender. However, this plan is designed to protect the interest of your lending institution and not your own.

Our Mortgage Life Insurance plan makes your loved ones the beneficiary and not the bank. Moreover our plans are more affordable, offer better flexibility and protection as compared to a traditional mortgage insurance. Consider the following advantages of our policies as compared to plans from a typical financial institution:

You have the freedom to choose the beneficiary of the policy. Our policies are much more affordable as compared to plans from a lending institution. You are able to change your coverage to suit your needs You are protected should you switch lending insitutions or refinance your mortgage. Your loved ones can use the benefits for other purposes besides covering the mortgage. Please contact us for more information or complete our form to receive a free, no obligation quote.

Having the right kind of mortgage insurance is about having control with guaranteed coverage. You’ve worked hard for your new home. Don’t you deserve the best available protection for your family? We think yes -- contact us today for more information on how to get started.

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